Latest TTF Members Directory ‘now out’

In Blog by Trevor


The Timber Trade Federation has just released it’s always valuable Members’ Directory and Buyers’ Guide for the current 2018 year.

It is available online   and provides readers with a comprehensive list of the UK’s leading timber producers, importers, distributors and merchants.

This new interactive version – developed by Crosby Associates Media Limited allows users to browse the whole publication searching for keywords such as products, location, type of business and so on.

Hyperlinks and images – including banners, advertisements, websites and email addresses – are also interactive ensuring an improved readers’ engagement.

Says aid TTF Managing Director David Hopkins,“Timber is going through quite a renaissance in both the construction and the interior design sectors.

We want to make sure this is a renaissance that lasts! This means ensuring that our customers get exactly the products they need.

In this context, TTF Members Directory represents a useful and reliable tool to explore the UK Timber market and facilitate trade of high quality wood products”.

Hard copies of the publication have also been distributed to TTF Members and stakeholders. If you wish to receive a copy, please contact