Check out ‘Pyrography’ – the ‘art form’ of wood!

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Can wood be art? Can it be ‘art’ in its own right and not as painting or presented as furniture or a feature of a building or technology environment? It would seem so according to a presentation spotted online by our Editor this New Year from the well-respected, prestigious Wood Technology Society. It’s all about the skilled art form known as ‘pyrography’ …

Pyrography – in case you didn’t know – and according to the Oxford Dictionary and also backed by our Editor too by the way – is the ‘ art’ or technique of decorating wood by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point. Such a heated metallic point is a known as a ‘poker’ and hence the work, in the UK, is also called “pokerwork.”

It is indeed a very “fine” and quite challenging art form. Susan Millis is an artist and restorer, who has an incredible skill of pyrography in wood. She has done much research on restoring pyrography images from the 19th century.

However, it is clear to see also that her work is equally as eyecatching as any of these more historic pieces from days gone by.

With the kind permission of the artist herself and via the kind offices of the Wood Technology Society, we are pleased to present here some examples of her pyrography modern-day ‘masterpieces’.

The illustration above shows a work in maple. Other works are – Deep within the Hawthorn hawthorn; Sleepyhead – maple; Beneath the Brambles – sycamore

Happy New Year from The Editor and the Nicks Blog team and good luck in your hopefully successful 2018!