Wood Wool – a new designer wall material …apparently!

In Blog by Trevor

Do you know what Wood Wool is? It is we are informed by .yankodesign.com a product that is apparently making its mark on the designer home interiors front 

Wood Wool, also referred to as ‘Excelsior’ in North America, is a product of soft wood shavings that are bound together by water and cement, creating a highly versatile material that can be found in packaging, cushioning, insulation, and can even be used stuffing teddy bears! 

Wood wool apparently also has a wide variety of features that make it ideal for also layering walls with. It’s natural, eco-friendly, and has a low emission footprint. Aside from that in certain formats it have great sound dampening qualities and can regulate moisture as well as temperature. As a product it resists termites and other vermin, and with a specialized paint coating applied can be fireproof and flame-retardant too.

A company called Form Us With Love (well it’s different!) has used Wood Wool to produce a series of designer 3D tiles  – and the word is that these tiles apparently create a unique and stylish very ‘now’ interior décor effect.

The Form Us With Love business teamed up with the only Swedish manufacturer of wood wool, Traullit, to create an eye-catching unique hexagonal tile for the design firm Baux.

Available in an absolute variety of colors, the Baux tiles – we are told – make for beautiful visual patterns and effects on walls. Made from a product that one would normally perceive as waste, Baux employs the wood shavings and wood wool to produce a tile which aims to elevate the aesthetic of a household.

These tiles say Baux are  a great ‘tool’ for designers keen to decorate with originality and style – and with an eye to a building’s carbon footprint too! There you go – now you know – that’s Wood Wool for you!

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